The Enigma

nov 2015I recently left the United States to fulfill my newfound dream of learning another language and well, to live outside of the United States. This grand plan initiated while traveling through Bali, Indonesia last year around my thirtieth birthday. That’s right kids, the self-proclaimed enigma has revealed her age. What was a mere desire has now become a big reality, as I am currently coasting off of Oaxaca, México, studying español & de-plugging from first world existence.

My U.S. roots stem from the deep south, while 90% of the last decade I was all big city biz in Los Angeles, California. My unwavering dedication and deep affinity for the City of Angels would render me loca had I been told this is where my life would be just some years later. Yet, here I am on an entirely new plane within this thing we call life. It’s baffling at times to make sense of the changes, but with imposed humility and hopefully what is now earned wisdom, I can peacefully say I am as open-hearted and open-minded about where life is taking me than I have ever been.

After a year of complete destruction, I am rebuilding my life as I know it. And, as I face and deal with profound grief and loss over the course of some unfortunate events this last year, I can still also peacefully declare it as an incredibly exciting time. Just as I had once set out those years ago to live my California dreams, I have found myself on the newest wild adventure of my life.

It has seemed as though my path has been an ongoing lesson to cope, accept, and integrate the dark that exists with the light. Paradoxical idiosyncrasies were undeniably written in my stars, so on a personal level this has been tremendously applicable. This blog is my experiment I suppose, as I reinvent and re-relate to myself once again. For I know now that it is okay my old self has evolved and is shedding away into the past. I shall strive to hang up the enigmatic mask I have long worn; it will always be a part of who I am. But, perhaps it is time to come out of the shadows… and step into the light.

See me, in all my grief and glory.


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