Cocina Sessions: Hard Place (H.E.R.)

“I’ve updated this, which I’d posted a wk or so ago. My friend, in true Sagittarius form—blunt but still with unwavering loyalty—informed me the sound was shit and she preferred it when I sang it live in a video. Preferred a video over the Yeti? Damn, it really has been a long time…

After my brother passed I stopped singing for a while. I’m a pretty bad instrumentalist, but sitting at the piano transformed a lot of that energy. But I did not sing. It’s been about that long since I’ve plugged in my Yeti mic. I never enjoyed producing music, but I’ve forgotten how much I love producing and mixing vocals. So, after my friend said the sound sucked, I played around with it a bit more to relearn some thangs and now she approves. She’s been my die-hard since I first played for her, so I value her opinion greatly, that’s all. I hope you enjoy it too. It was being so inspired by another artist’s words and music that I was able to plug-in again ( Gracias, H.E.R.). I recorded it—en mi cocina—just the #Yeti, shitty guitar playing, y los sonidos de Oaxaca. :)”

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