The Enigma

I recently left the United States to fulfill my newfound dream of learning another language and well, to live outside of the United States. This grand plan initiated while traveling through Bali, Indonesia last year around my thirtieth birthday. That's right kids, the self-proclaimed enigma has revealed her age. What was a mere desire has [...]

A Perch, Not a Cage

As my presumably fabulous L.A. life was crumbling around me, my ego & spirit went head to heart. The reeking suspicion was setting in that the greatest love affair I’d come to know, my marriage to the City of Angels, was nearing its end. Like any great love there’s simply no way to predict the [...]

Amor Fati.

The other day was the anniversary of my brother's death. We lost him over 10 years ago… and the only thing constant about the evolution of grief is that it's never constant … making it one of my favorite things: interesting. It so happens that I had a lot on my mind that day, and [...]

No Door? Make the F**king Door

Or on a more socially pleasant note, a favorite quote of mine: "...make windows where there were once walls." (Michel Foucault) In the age of Global Network Society, some potent middle-finger action is available to us against the 'ole "top-down" way of doing things. Space is collapsed thanks in part to communication technologies, and in my [...]