Meet Mojo

I am a writer, editor, artist, and educator. My first love was narrative writing and storytelling. That has shown up in my life through my work and art in many ways.

I earned my BA in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge. I chose this degree because of the power of the voice. Through the power of words and communication—empowering the voices of others is why I teach. My expertise with the English language enabled me to do so as an educator. I served to strengthen and broaden my students’ opportunities as honed communicators. My affinity for the human narrative inspired my path of cultural and language immersion in México.

What’s my real name?

I’ll pull back a petal and let you in on the secret—it’s Maggie.

Airing that out has my twenty-something year-old self rolling over in her grave. But, life served a dose of humbling since those days. So, while my students may call me Miss Maggie, most know me as Mojo.

My late brother gifted me the nickname as a child. Overcoming the tragedy of both his death and my other brother defined my life as a creator and teacher. This buoyancy is because of my spiritual relationship with the ultimate creative force.

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, where I studied music. I trained-classically as a vocalist and am a lifelong performer. When I reached twenty, I fled to the west coast. After a decade of pursuing music and my big city dreams in Los Angeles, global yearnings called me to travel. Eventually I went off-the-grid to a small coastal town in Oaxaca, México working as a writer and educator. This led me to a life-changing opportunity to teach in el Estado, just outside of Mexico City. The impact I had on my students transformed me. Redefining myself as a role model changed the vision I had for my purpose.

My intention is to live by example to give ourselves permission. I strive to teach others to live an authentic and more divinely-led life.

Apart from that: I’m likely to be found “saving” a street animal somewhere, or hair-flipping front row at a live music event. If you happen to spot a tall blonde dancing along a shoreline, it could very well be me.

ESOTERIC aREAS of specialty/Interest

I am a skilled astrology chart reader with almost fifteen years OF experience. I Collect crystals and oracle decks, but WORK WITH the rider-waite deck for tarot readings.

IN —> daily spiritual practice, healing, non-physical energy, healing modalities, grounding, self-love, self-awareness, reflection, transformation, grief, trauma, power dynamics

OUT —> holistic wellness/health/lifestyle, mindful living, clean eating, conscious consumerism, natural products/brands, eco-conscious/sustainability, social change, off-the-beaten path, experiential/slow travel, cultural immersion 

Mojo has been giving readings around Venice for years. She is amazingly thorough, honest and shockingly accurate in her readings. She predicted the happiest surprise I ever got, my daughter,  a short time before I became pregnant. She is very professional and really knows her stuff… this isn’t some stoned hippie reading you fairy cards. She has extensive knowledge and ability with astrological charts, tarot, and true psychic ability. I highly highly recommend her.”

Rachel Binder, founder of Pomare’s Stolen Perfume