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"[Mojo] is amazing in her perspective, and validates my wish to travel, at least for awhile and work to help the less fortunate since my husband’s death in October. THANK YOU for opening my heart to all the possibilities." - Debbie Smith Garcia, comment @mojoroseprose


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“Maggie has a high sense of responsibility and is one hundred percent dedicated to her profession. She took time to confer with her students often as to involve them in their learning process and make them reflexive to areas of opportunity. Her expertise is grammar and the proper use of the English language and all its conventions. Maggie corrected her students’ work with rigor and professionalism. She helped students identify their mistakes and how to further develop their writing. When she doesn’t obtain desired results, she has the flexibility, commitment, and patience to teach with a whole new approach until she is satisfied that her students got something significant out of it. Maggie was also helpful with her colleagues. Whenever anyone needed clarification as to how to best convey or write something in English, we always resorted to her. She not only had a great attitude, but thrived on the opportunity to analyze and explore all options.”

Alexia Quiroga, English Principal, Mexico City